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Dresser Consolidated Control and Safety Valves

Consolidated 4900 Pilot-Operated Safety Relief Valve

The Type 4900 MPV features innovative, pilot-operated safety relief design that incorporates internal passages between the main valve and pilot valve sub-assemblies. This tubeless assembly provides inherent advantages by reducing potential damage to external tubing. It also helps to reduce overall assembly, disassembly, and maintenance complexity while still providing the flexibility and versatility typical of Consolidated pilot-operated safety relief valve designs.


The Type 4900 MPV is suitable for use with a range of liquids, gases, and steam. This includes offshore applications and process systems with high levels of noise or vibration.


  • Modular design is easy to install, operate, and maintain.
  • Tubings and fittings are eliminated for simple assembly and disassembly, in addition to fewer leak paths.
  • Streamlined design addresses issues of tubing damage potentially caused by harsh environments and rough use.
  • Top-entry design offers easy access to the main valve components for reduced maintenance and operating costs.