Consolidated 13900 Pilot-Operated Safety Relief Valve

The Type 13900 Series pilot-operated safety relief valve combines high capacity with simple construction, designed to ASME section VIII. It consists of a small conventional, fail-safe pilot valve and a high capacity main valve platform. The main valve can be configured with orifice sizes up to 200 square inches to help reduce the number of valves required for system overpressure protection.


The 13900 Series pilot-operated safety relief valve is well-suited for high capacity steam applications. This design can also be used effectively with other compressible fluids that exhibit similar characteristics to saturated steam at the same conditions like boiler feed pump turbines, flash tanks, steam line, dearators.

  • Clean and dirty process fluids


  • Greater total system efficiency driven by the main valve’s ability to handle in excess of 3,000,000 lbs. of steam per hour. It has 7:1 discharge capacity over “T” orifice and 2:1 over “W” orifice valves.
  • Simple and efficient valve design helps reduce the need for excessive inventory and maintenance time.
  • Ability to test the pilot and main valve in the field without disconnecting the main valve inlet and outlet lines